SQL Interview Questions and Answers : 15 Commonly asked SQL Questions

We have been receiving great feedback about technical interview questions and answers articles. I have listed 10 most commonly asked SQL interview questions and answers during technical interviews or phone screening. We’re dedicated to provide you with the best and most asked questions during the interviews; especially in reputed companies such as Facebook, Microsoft or Amazon. Hope you appreciate and this helps you in your next dream job hunt.

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Many times you may feel the questions are so simple; but being organized and go through that once will help showing you’re confident and have deep technical understanding. Enjoy!

(1) What is SQL?

SQL is Structured Query Language which is allows programmer to communicate with the Database and retrieve / update Database. SQL is approved / standardized by ANSI – American National Standard Institute.

(2) What are different types of SQL Statements? Define each of them in details. 

There are three types of SQL Statements :

(a) DDL
(b) DML
(c) DCL

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Javascript interview coding Question : write a function to determine if string is a number

We have been receiving a great comments and feedback for previous posts around Front-end Interview Coding Questions. These questions are frequently asked during Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft sorts of big company interviews. Hope you would find this interesting and helpful. I would strongly recommend you taking time and go through this and similar posts on our site. You will have a great deal of building concept and mindset even if you’re not asked the same coding question. Let’s get to the question now.

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Question : Write a function to determine if a string is a number without using any built-in function

function isNumber(s) {
return (s^0) == s;

In Javascript we can use isNaN() inbuilt function which we can use and test if given string is just a number or not. But since you are asked to not use in-built function, we can use following method to check string whether its number or not as an alternative.
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