Android 5.0 Lollipop Feature list : 5 most interesting Lollipop features


Android5.0_LollipopAs you know Android 5.0 Lollipop version is the biggest hot topic recently. We wanted to list down 5 most very innovative and useful Android Lollipop features that you’d love to know. We’ve tested this features manual working on Motorola Moto X – 2nd Generation.

This might be a motivation for you to Buy a smart watch as your next wearable device.

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1. Tap and Go : 

Lollipop version now supports easy transfer of App and Settings to a new phone device. Transferring your own personalized apps and settings was a big challenge back in the days. The new version of android has moved close towards offering fully functional transition of a user specific settings to a new device.

You can use this feature to pair Lollipop device with any Android 4.1 and above smartphone through NFC. Your settings will be transferred to it over Bluetooth. Everything will included as an instance icons and folders. How amazing?

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CSS Interview Questions and Answers : 15 Common CSS Questions


cssI have listed down 15 commonly asked CSS interview questions and answers.

Speaking of front-end technologies used on mobile devices; get familiar yourself with Android 5.0 Lollipop features which is one of the hot topic these days! This might not be directly interview related but gives you a chance to talk about if comes up.

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1. What are different ways to apply styles to a Web page? Continue reading

Moto x (2014) reviews features and tricks : best smartphone of the year

moto-xI recently bought a new smart phone and I really love it. This phone is one of the best selling cell phone of the year and wanted to write my own review and experience.

Yes that is correct – it’s Moto x (2nd Gen) the new  Motorola Moto X – 2nd Generation.

I’ve a Quick Summary in a nutshell below before wordy explanation.

Great features : You get Android 5.0 Lollipop upgraded version on your phone. optional wood and leather models. 5.2-inch AMOLED Full HD 1080p screen. 2,300 mAh battery. 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor. Adreno 330 GPU. 13-megapixel camera with Dual Flash. 4K video capture; 4 mics.

Not-so good features : Unreliable camera performance at times; combined with no expandable memory. Other than that I love the device. If you have any other disliked feature, please add a comment at the end and I will update this article.


What does a smartwatch do and Should I get one? : 5 Reasons to buy a smart watch

android_smartwatchShould I get a smart watch or not?

Very interesting question. We have listed 5 most common reasons why you should buy a smart watch.  It’s early in the stage where smart watches and wearable devices, technology is evolving. And it’s a genuine question whether you should buy a smart watch or not. We’ll list out one of the coolest 5 features and let you decide whether you want to spend money buying a smart watch. Why? because everyone’s interest, goals, work environment and budget is different. Every person is unique in their own way.

ReadAndroid 5.0 Lollipop Feature list : 5 most interesting Lollipop features

1. You’re a tech-savvy person and stay connected with technology. 

First, smart watches do not add a huge value at this stage. It’s pretty expensive compared to what features they offer. I’d still recommend you buying that if you’re in the technology niche; your work environment is pretty high profile; people talk and live with technology. Your co-workers have it and your company plans on offering services, products, hardware, applications related to wearable device. It’s definitely a cool experience.

Smart watches are only going to be better with the same price as to what they offer today. So don’t rush if you don’t have to!

2. You want a watch that can be upgraded, customized. In addition want to measure your health activity

Details coming soon

3. Save time on checking updates, messages and have instant access without taking out your phone or tablet devices

Details coming soon

4. Communicate via your phone with voice recognition without spending time typing

Details coming soon

5. Connect multiple devices such as bluetooth headphones, tablet, phone and laptop

Details coming soon


Java Interview Questions and Answers : 20 Commonly asked Java Questions Continue

Congrats! You have made it on the second page so far. We’ve listed second set of Java important questions that are commonly asked during interviews.

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11. What is the difference between Vector and ArrayList?

Vector is synchronized and ArrayList is not. This is the biggest difference between the two of them.

12. What is a constructor for a class in Java?

Constructor is used to initialize the object. Constructor is invoked at the time of object creation. Constructor has the same name as the class itself, has no return type, and is invoked using the new operator.

13. What is public, protected, private and package in Java? List down differences between each of them.

Public : Public class or variable is visible visible everywhere; within the full application

Private : Private variables or methods can be used only by an instance of the same class that declares the variable or a method

Protected : can be accessed by all classes in the same package. It is also available to all sub-classes of the class that owns the protected feature. This access is provided also to sub-classes that are in a different package from the class that owns the protected feature.

Default : What you get by default, meaning without any access modifier such as public, private or protected. It means that it is visible to all within a particular package level.

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Java Interview Questions and Answers : 20 Commonly asked Java Questions

We have listed 20 Commonly asked Java interview questions and answers! We highly recommend reading How to prepare for a job interview : 13 Successful face to face interview tricks and tips on!

Wish you a good luck.

java logo1. What is Garbage Collection in Java? When it is used and for what purpose?

The purpose of Java garbage collection process is to identify and discard objects that are no longer needed by a program. That way their resources can be reclaimed and reused. A Java object is subject to garbage collection when it becomes unreachable to the program where it is used.

2. What is Iterator?

Some collection classes provide traversal of their contents via a java.util.Iterator interface. This interface allows you to walk through a collection of objects, operating on each object in turn. Keep in mind while using Iterators that they contain a snapshot of the collection at the time the Iterator was obtained; generally it is not recommended to modify the collection itself while traversing an Iterator.

3. Explain. What is Map and a HashMap?

Map is an interface and HashMap is the class which implements that.

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How to prepare for a job interview : 13 Successful face to face interview tricks and tips

interview-tricksCracking a face to face job interview is an art. We’ve listed out one of the most effective tricks and tips that will lead you getting a job offer letter. There are a plenty of job openings but the market is pretty competitive; candidates are savvy and calibrated. Remember, getting a job and bringing paychecks home is very easy; but getting exactly what you want from your workplace is really tough. You’ll have to prepare yourself and work hard to get what you need.

I recently read Master The Job Interview: Proven Tips And Techniques To Acing The Job Interview which motivated me writing this article. It’s pretty affordable. If you have spare time, I’d recommend reading that.

Peggy Mckee’s e-book is available free to download which is a great resource for your resume :
How to Quantify Your Resume

It’s all about showing off information that hiring managers love to see.

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12 common face to face interview questions

Face to face interview tips : 5 things you need to make sure

Telephonic Interview Tips

(1) Study job description by heart and prepare stories

Read job description carefully and understand each terms, role specific information provided. Have solid understanding of role and responsibilities. Try to connect with your current and past work experience that allows you describing how you would be a great fit for the position. Story telling is an essential part of face to face interview that you can use convincing interviewers and lets you stand out of the crowd.

(2) Research the company

Before you go on-site for an interview, collect as much information as possible about the company and where it stands in the industry. Learn product or services offering, key decision makers, recent financial results, how big is the workforce and everything about company’s general business. That will allow you to talk relevant to their overall business.

(3) Research you interviewers and team

Find out who is your interviewer and find his / her bio. Try to find his skill-set via Linkedin or from his corporate public profile. Tailor your answers, examples during the interview using a way that can best convince the interviewer. If you have done enough research to know interviewer more; always helps you providing context to each questions he asks. That often helps figuring out what to expect from him.

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JavaScript interview questions and answers : 10 Commonly asked JavaScript questions continue


JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers

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(6) What does continue and break statements do in JS?

The continue statement breaks only one iteration in the current loop if a defined condition occurs. and it continues with the next iteration in the loop.

The break statement breaks out of the loop. And it lets the code continue executing after the loop.

(7) What is the difference between windows.onload and onDocumentReady?

The onload event does not fire until the last element of the page is loaded including CSS and images etc. There could be a huge delay before onload code on the page is executed.
onDocumentReady will be able to execute code as long as DOM has been is built; without waiting for the elements to be loaded, such as images. That means there will be a faster code execution.



(8) what is a race condition?

When execution of a certain method or an event call is critically dependent on an another method or event; and if the sequence is not maintained, race condition occurs. As an example; you’re loading an external Javascript on your page and then calling a function from that external JS. Now at the run time if the external JS is not loaded for any reason and your function is already called and looking for that code execution, it’s not going to be executed. This situation is called race condition.

(9) What is JS namespacing? How and where is it used?

adding answer soon…

(10) Tell me datatypes that are supported in JavaScript.

JavaScript supports various data types such as numbers, strings, arrays, objects etc. You can also directly assign expressions. Such as :

var datapoint = a * 10;  // Number assigned by an expression literal

Hope this articles are useful. Wish you a good luck and please drop us a comment below.

Book recommendations :

HTML5 and CSS3 All-in-One For Dummies by Andy Harris. 

This book is far better than any other learning material. It has very basic information that includes both HTML5 and CSS3 with sample code and comprehensive examples. If you’re looking for reading material; this is a great resource.

Peggy Mckee’s e-book is available free to download, a great resource for your resume :
How to Quantify Your Resume

Face to face interview tips : 5 things you need to make sure

InterviewIn person interview is the most important part of interview process for landing on a job. Successfully crack face to face interview is an art. I’ve 5 most important things listed that would help getting your dream job!

(1) Always get in 15 minutes early for an interview. Never be late.

Make sure you have driving directions or commute guide ready to get to the interview well in advance. Try to reach a few minutes early; not too early either. Never ever get there late. When you’re late, you already created not so good impression.

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(2) Dress up professionally in reference to the role that you’ve applied for.

Dressing up professionally will boost your confidence. The interviewer will have positive sense when you’re perfectly dressed up.
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JavaScript interview questions and answers : 10 Commonly asked questions


I have listed 10 most commonly asked JavaScript interview questions and answers. If you’re attending Front-End developer interview, this is a must read article!

Peggy Mckee’s e-book is available free : 

How to Quantify Your Resume 
a great resource for your resume.

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(1) What is event bubbling and capturing in JavaScript?

Event bubbling is series of events when : An event is triggered on the inner most element first and then it triggers on the parent elements in nested order.

DOM elements could be nested inside each other. The handler of the parent works even if you click on it’s child. Event bubbling can make this happen.

Event Capturing is the opposite of bubbling where the event is triggered on the outer most element and then it triggers the inner children in nested order.

I read Jon Duckett’s JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development which inspired me writing this post. I’d greatly recommend you reading the book in your spare time. It’s available Amazon.

(2) What is a closure in JavaScript?

JavaScript allows you to declare a function within another function, and the local variables still can be accessible even after returning from the function you called.

In other words, a closure is the local variables for a function which is kept alive after the function has returned.

An example :

function goodMorning(name) {
var text = ‘Good Morning ‘ + name; // local variable
var goodMorningAlert = function() { alert(text); }
return sayAlert;

var goodMorningAlert2 = goodMorning(‘Bob’);

In the example above, when goodMorningAlert2() will be executed, you will see output as an alert with “Good Morning Bob”.

In short, in JavaScript, if you use the function keyword inside another function, you are creating a closure.

(3) What is a callback function in JavaScript?
(4) What are various methods you’d use to embed JavaScript onto a webpage?
(5) What is the difference between GET and POST methods in HTML form?

When you use a GET method, key and values will be appended at the end of the URL as a query string. GET method is not recommended to use when you are passing sensitive data over the internet.

While sending data, the GET method appends the data to the URL. And the length of a URL is limited. Maximum URL length is 2048 characters supported by latest browsers.

POST is used to pass sensitive data as it’s not appended and displayed within the URL. There is no limitation as to how much data can be passed using a POST method.

Book recommendation 

HTML5 and CSS3 All-in-One For Dummies by Andy Harris. 

This book is far better than any other learning material. It has very basic information that includes both HTML5 and CSS3 with sample code and comprehensive examples. If you’re looking for reading material; this is a great resource.

Peggy Mckee’s e-book is available free to download, a great resource for your resume :
How to Quantify Your Resume

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Move Forward with a Cisco Storage Networking Certification

Take your career to the next level with an expert exam in the Storage Networking field. Cisco provides a written and lab exam, both of which must be completed in order to obtain the CCIE certification. Because storage networking information is direct and to-the-point, the expert certification is the only one offered. Even so, it is held to the highest degree of respect just as other expert exams under the Cisco name. Career possibilities with this certification can greatly widen, and employers will take this certification as the greatest indication of skill and knowledge working with storage networking.

The overall exam is broken down into two sections (which can be taken at different times). The first section consists of a written, multiple-choice exam that tests basic and advanced storage networking concepts and features, such as design, technologies, applications, and management. The second section is a rather difficult eight-hour practical lab exam, which tests the ability to apply concepts and your knowledge learned to actual on-the-job scenarios. It is a fantastic way to prepare for the job field and understand exactly what such a job will entitle.

Both exams can be accompanied by ExamTrace, a training resource that works to teach and review specific exam details. It saves time that would otherwise be spent reading through information and learning knowledge that simply isn’t needed. The overall experience taking the storage networking expert exams can be wonderful. Cisco’s requirement of excellence is what makes their exams and certifications the bar by which companies operate. With Cisco exams, moving forward in your career could not be easier.