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Front-end interview questions

Book recommendationHTML5 and CSS3 All-in-One For Dummies by Andy Harris. 

This book is far better than any other learning material. It has very basic information that includes both HTML5 and CSS3 with sample code and comprehensive examples. If you’re looking for reading material; this is a great resource.

Q. 6. What can I do to improve my website page rendering time?

Less resource:

Less http requests

Prioritize above the fold code

Load the static content

Q. 7. What tools can I use to troubleshoot any issue on front end that I encounter?

Firebug – which is an add-on used widely in Firefox

Charles proxy – which is a third party tool that can be used on any browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox etc.

Chrome Developer tool – which can be used in it’s own browser such as Chrome or Firefox

Fiddler – Can be used for browser of your choice including Internet Explorer

Q. 8. Can you give examples of HTTP Status code and what do they mean?

When a request is made to your server for a page on your site (for instance, when a user accesses your page in a browser, your server returns an HTTP status code in response to the request.

This status code provides information about the status of the request. This status code gives information about your site and the requested page.

Some common status codes are:

  • 200 - the server successfully returned the page OK
  • 404 - the requested page doesn’t exist
  • 503 - the server is temporarily unavailable
  • 500 – Internal server error
  • 403 – Resource forbidden

Q. 9. What are major browsers and mobile devices environments users use?

Chrome 39

Firefox 34

Internet Explorer 11

Safari 8

Chrome 36

Safari 7

Internet Explorer 8

Firefox 33      2.89%

Internet Explorer 9

Android OS, Apple OS, Blackberry, Windows phone

Q. 10. Why CMS environments such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla are very popular recently?

CMS provides front-end user interface that allows a user, even with limited expertise, to add, modify and remove content from a Web site without the intervention of a Webmaster.

Below are the points why we should use CMS instead stand-alone websites:

Increase efficiency – Content can be publishing easily and efficiently as editing and revisions do not require visual design or coding knowledge. This allows for fast and efficient updates, saving cost and time.

Extensibility – Most CMSs can extend functionality beyond its default capabilities, typically by purchasing additional plug-ins or modules.

Easy customization: CMS contains built-in plugins, modules CSS and script that allows easy customization through UI.

Quick dynamic page management – CMS allows easy to create, edit, remove and update the dynamic page management.

Search Engine Friendly – CMS provides functionality to built seo friendly URLs.

Cost-effective – Most of the CMS provides open source platform.

Powerful search within site – With powerful CMS search engines new content is indexed automatically so it can be instantly found. Visitors can also use taxonomy applications, sorting lists, saved searches and more to personalize the search experience.

Support community – Most of the CMS has great community, which provides support and quick response for any type of questions.

Standard security – CMS comes with built in standard security, which prevents site from any hacking attack.

Multi-User env: It has the capability to support Multi-user work env. Many users can work at the same time and easy remote website management

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Moto G (2014) Reviews Features : Best android smart phone under $200

Moto-G-Second-GenerationMotorola – Moto G – 2nd Gen in 2014 is a best solution to android smart phone within a very affordable budget. Following the market needs, it has 5 inch touch screen and offers active noise cancellation with a dedicated microphone.

I’ve quick Summary in a nutshell below before wordy explanation.

Highs :

  • Price is below $200 and you can enjoy all major android features
  • 5″ IPS 720p capacitive touchscreen of 294ppi, Gorilla Glass 3
  • 8MP rear (back) camera, 2MP front-facing camera, 720p video capture,
  • 8GB or 16GB of built-in memory, expandable via micro-SD card slot
  • 1GB of RAM, Adreno 305 GPU, 1.2GHz quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset
  • 2,070mAh battery
  • Active noise cancellation with a dedicated microphone

Lows :

  • Camera is a bit disappointing as it doesn’t record 1080p video
  • Battery size remained unchanged where as the screen size is larger – 5 inch
  • Android Lollipop update will be available later at launch (after moto X and Nexus 5)

Score : 4.8 out of 5.0 (our personal opinion considering features + price)

Discount and Reviews link on Amazon
Motorola Moto G – Global GSM – Unlocked – 8GB (Black)


If you do not have a budget for moto X 2nd generation or Nexus 5, and still want to enjoy exciting android smart phone features; I’d strongly recommend you buying Moto G.

Devices Selling at discount on Amazon at the moment 

1. Motorola Moto G – Global GSM – Unlocked – 8GB (Black)

2. Motorola Moto X – 2nd Generation (strongly recommend, if budget is not a limitation)

Writer’s request :

Please drop us a comment on this article as to what you like or would like to see in future reviews. If you have product related comment, add them as well. We’ll update our article per your comment.


Moto x (2014) reviews features and tricks : best smartphone of the year

moto-xI recently bought a new smart phone and I really love it. This phone is one of the best selling cell phone of the year and wanted to write my own review and experience.

Yes that is correct – it’s Moto x (2nd Gen) the new  Motorola Moto X (2014) – 2nd Generation.

I’ve a Quick Summary in a nutshell below before wordy explanation.

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Front-end Developer Software Engineer Interview Questions and answers : 10 Commonly asked front end developer questions

Front-end interview questionsWe have many articles for HTML, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS interview questions. We highly recommend reading them for technology specific questions. This article has interview questions for Front End Developer - Software Engineer role on a more generic basis.

Q. 1. How you can optimize the page using front end code or technology?

Below is the list of best practices for front-end technology, which helps to optimize page.

1.  Improve server response by reducing resource usage per page

  • Combine all external CSS files into one file
  • Combine all external JS files into one file

2.  Use responsive design instead of making device based redirects

3.  Use asynchronous Javascript and remove block level Javascript

4.  Use Minify version of stylesheet and javascript.

5.  Optimize Image and use correct format of Image. Use the lazy loading design pattern for large size of images.

6.  Use browser side cache with Cache control

7.  Avoid plugins to drive functionality

8.  Configure view port and use CSS best practices

9.  Prioritize visible content

10. Load style-sheets in header and script in footer.

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What does a smartwatch do and Should I get one? : 5 Reasons to buy a smart watch

android_smartwatchShould I get a smart watch or not?

Very interesting question. We have listed 5 most common reasons why you should buy a smart watch.  It’s early in the stage where smart watches and wearable devices, technology is evolving. And it’s a genuine question whether you should buy a smart watch or not. We’ll list out one of the coolest 5 features and let you decide whether you want to spend money buying a smart watch. Why? because everyone’s interest, goals, work environment and budget is different. Every person is unique in their own way.

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Android 5.0 Lollipop Feature list : 5 most interesting Lollipop features

Android5.0_LollipopAs you know Android 5.0 Lollipop version is the biggest hot topic recently. We wanted to list down 5 most very innovative and useful Android Lollipop features that you’d love to know. We’ve tested this features manual working on Motorola Moto X – 2nd Generation.

This might be a motivation for you to Buy a smart watch as your next wearable device.

Read on DGlobalTech : How to prepare for a job interview : 13 Successful face to face interview tricks and tips.

1. Tap and Go : 

Lollipop version now supports easy transfer of App and Settings to a new phone device. Transferring your own personalized apps and settings was a big challenge back in the days. The new version of android has moved close towards offering fully functional transition of a user specific settings to a new device.

You can use this feature to pair Lollipop device with any Android 4.1 and above smartphone through NFC. Your settings will be transferred to it over Bluetooth. Everything will included as an instance icons and folders. How amazing?

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Java Interview Questions and Answers : 20 Commonly asked Java Questions Continue

rp_Java_Logo-300x184.jpgCongrats! You have made it on the second page so far. We’ve listed second set of Java important questions that are commonly asked during interviews.

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11. What is the difference between Vector and ArrayList?

Vector is synchronized and ArrayList is not. This is the biggest difference between the two of them.

12. What is a constructor for a class in Java?

Constructor is used to initialize the object. Constructor is invoked at the time of object creation. Constructor has the same name as the class itself, has no return type, and is invoked using the new operator.

13. What is public, protected, private and package in Java? List down differences between each of them.

Public : Public class or variable is visible visible everywhere; within the full application

Private : Private variables or methods can be used only by an instance of the same class that declares the variable or a method

Protected : can be accessed by all classes in the same package. It is also available to all sub-classes of the class that owns the protected feature. This access is provided also to sub-classes that are in a different package from the class that owns the protected feature.

Default : What you get by default, meaning without any access modifier such as public, private or protected. It means that it is visible to all within a particular package level.

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Java Interview Questions and Answers : 20 Commonly asked Java Questions

We have listed 20 Commonly asked Java interview questions and answers! We highly recommend reading How to prepare for a job interview : 13 Successful face to face interview tricks and tips on!

Wish you a good luck.

java logo1. What is Garbage Collection in Java? When it is used and for what purpose?

The purpose of Java garbage collection process is to identify and discard objects that are no longer needed by a program. That way their resources can be reclaimed and reused. A Java object is subject to garbage collection when it becomes unreachable to the program where it is used.

2. What is Iterator?

Some collection classes provide traversal of their contents via a java.util.Iterator interface. This interface allows you to walk through a collection of objects, operating on each object in turn. Keep in mind while using Iterators that they contain a snapshot of the collection at the time the Iterator was obtained; generally it is not recommended to modify the collection itself while traversing an Iterator.

3. Explain. What is Map and a HashMap?

Map is an interface and HashMap is the class which implements that.

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How to prepare for a job interview : 13 Successful face to face interview tricks and tips

interview-tricksCracking a face to face job interview is an art. We’ve listed out one of the most effective tricks and tips that will lead you getting a job offer letter. There are a plenty of job openings but the market is pretty competitive; candidates are savvy and calibrated. Remember, getting a job and bringing paychecks home is very easy; but getting exactly what you want from your workplace is really tough. You’ll have to prepare yourself and work hard to get what you need.

I recently read Master The Job Interview: Proven Tips And Techniques To Acing The Job Interview which motivated me writing this article. It’s pretty affordable. If you have spare time, I’d recommend reading that.

How to Quantify Your Resume - Peggy Mckee’s free e-book on Amazon

It’s all about showing off information that hiring managers love to see.

tickRead 12 common face to face interview questions on DGlobaltech

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(1) Study job description by heart and prepare stories

Read job description carefully and understand each terms, role specific information provided. Have solid understanding of role and responsibilities. Try to connect with your current and past work experience that allows you describing how you would be a great fit for the position. Story telling is an essential part of face to face interview that you can use convincing interviewers and lets you stand out of the crowd.

(2) Research the company

Before you go on-site for an interview, collect as much information as possible about the company and where it stands in the industry. Learn product or services offering, key decision makers, recent financial results, how big is the workforce and everything about company’s general business. That will allow you to talk relevant to their overall business.

(3) Research you interviewers and team

Find out who is your interviewer and find his / her bio. Try to find his skill-set via Linkedin or from his corporate public profile. Tailor your answers, examples during the interview using a way that can best convince the interviewer. If you have done enough research to know interviewer more; always helps you providing context to each questions he asks. That often helps figuring out what to expect from him.

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JavaScript interview questions and answers : 10 Commonly asked JavaScript questions continue


JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers

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(6) What does continue and break statements do in JS?

The continue statement breaks only one iteration in the current loop if a defined condition occurs. and it continues with the next iteration in the loop.

The break statement breaks out of the loop. And it lets the code continue executing after the loop.

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