CSS Interview Questions and Answers : 15 Common CSS Questions


cssI have listed down 15 commonly asked CSS interview questions and answers. Wish you a good luck for your interview!

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1. What are different ways to apply styles to a Web page? Continue reading

JavaScript interview questions and answers : 10 Commonly asked JavaScript questions continue


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(6) What does continue and break statements do in JS?

(7) Difference between windows.onload and onDocumentReady?
(8) what is a race condition? How you can avoid that?
(9) What is JS namespacing? How and where is it used?
(10) Tell me datatypes that are supported in JavaScript.

Face to face interview tips : 5 things you need to make sure

InterviewIn person interview is the most important part of interview process for landing on a job. Successfully crack face to face interview is an art. I’ve 5 most important things listed that would help getting your dream job!

(1) Always get in 15 minutes early for an interview. Never be late.

Make sure you have driving directions or commute guide ready to get to the interview well in advance. Try to reach a few minutes early; not too early either. Never ever get there late. When you’re late, you already created not so good impression.

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(2) Dress up professionally in reference to the role that you’ve applied for.

Dressing up professionally will boost your confidence. The interviewer will have positive sense when you’re perfectly dressed up.
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JavaScript interview questions and answers : 10 Commonly asked questions


I have listed 10 most commonly asked JavaScript interview questions and answers. If you’re attending Front-End developer interview, this is a must read article!

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(1) What is event bubbling and capturing in JavaScript?

Event bubbling is series of events when : An event is triggered on the inner most element first and then it triggers on the parent elements in nested order.

DOM elements could be nested inside each other. The handler of the parent works even if you click on it’s child. Event bubbling can make this happen.

Event Capturing is the opposite of bubbling where the event is triggered on the outer most element and then it triggers the inner children in nested order.

(2) What is a closure in JavaScript?

JavaScript allows you to declare a function within another function, and the local variables still can be accessible even after returning from the function you called.

In other words, a closure is the local variables for a function which is kept alive after the function has returned.

An example :

function goodMorning(name) {
var text = ‘Good Morning ‘ + name; // local variable
var goodMorningAlert = function() { alert(text); }
return sayAlert;

var goodMorningAlert2 = goodMorning(‘Bob’);

In the example above, when goodMorningAlert2() will be executed, you will see output as an alert with “Good Morning Bob”.

In short, in JavaScript, if you use the function keyword inside another function, you are creating a closure.

(3) What is a callback function in JavaScript?
(4) What are various methods you’d use to embed JavaScript onto a webpage?
(5) What is the difference between GET and POST methods in HTML form?

When you use a GET method, key and values will be appended at the end of the URL as a query string. GET method is not recommended to use when you are passing sensitive data over the internet.

While sending data, the GET method appends the data to the URL. And the length of a URL is limited. Maximum URL length is 2048 characters supported by latest browsers.

POST is used to pass sensitive data as it’s not appended and displayed within the URL. There is no limitation as to how much data can be passed using a POST method.

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5 Most Useful Thumbs up/down Plugins for WordPress

wordpress-logoI have provided 5 the most useful and widely used thumbs up / down plugins for WordPress. They are directly linked to www.wordpress.org website page.

  1. Likebot: It is easy to integrate into your site and does not require any registration or authentications. You can customize functionality very easily using built-in js options.
  2. Vote It Up: This plugin adds voting feature to your posts. Your visitors can vote or against your posts. You do have the option to enable guest-voting where you don’t require any authentication.

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Drupal Interview Questions and Answers : 10 commonly asked questions [2]

drupal-logo7. How database system of Drupal works ?

In Drupal, each type of information has its own database table. For instance, the basic information about the nodes of your site are stored in the Node table, Comments and Users also have their own database tables, and roles, permissions, and other settings are also stored in database tables. Continue reading

Drupal Interview Questions and Answers : 10 commonly asked questions


I have listed down 10 commonly asked Drupal interview questions and answers. Wish you a good luck for your interview!

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1. Why do you think Drupal is powerful & popular CMS compare to others?

Drupal Allows to create multiple content types using content construction kit (cck) without any programming skills. Also allows customize theme template for each content type. For example you can have page, article , story, slideshow content type. Continue reading

CSS Interview Questions Continue

css9. What are some ways you might target IE (or IE6) only, without affecting other browsers?

Below are the example for browser specific Style Sheet, which targets defined browser.


<!--[if IE]>
	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="all-ie-only.css" />

Target everything EXCEPT IE

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