5 Time Management Tips : Key to be Efficient and Successful in life

GAIN 25% time efficiency via 5 Time Management Tips!

Time management is a critical task that is ignored by many people. Many times I have seen people are aware of the fact they don’t have enough time. I believe we can always do a better job of remind ourselves to manage our time wisely. We have listed 5 time management tips that would help you become at least 25% efficient; you will save more time for your favorite activity and gain efficiency.

This may sound funny; but go through this article; follow the tactics thoroughly and measure the time. Trust me you will see up to 25% improvement in your time to accomplish what you do every single day.

(1) Awareness : Create a list of all your task every morning

(2) Set Alarm as to when you want to begin on major tasks

(3) Use calendar to allocate time for each activity every day

(4) Prioritize and Multitask – Set a Deadline

(5) Revisit what works well for you personally

WordPress Interview Questions and Answers : 10 Commonly asked Questions

WordPress is widely used and very popular CMS system. We have listed top 10 WordPress interview questions and answers that you can expect during your interview. WordPress is heavily based on PHP; so you also should expect combination of PHP questions in the mix.

I highly encourage you to go through the common basic wordpress questions mentioned below and then go through more complex ones. This article should help you brush up your memory. Wish you a good luck!

(1) What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that provides a platform to build websites starting from a personal blog to highly customized functional commercial websites. It is based on PHP and MySQL on the backend.

(2) Can you name some features and advantages of WordPress?

WordPress offers wide variety of features and functionalities.

- WordPress is pretty simple to use and navigate through. It serves the purpose for non-technical people within the organization.

- It is pretty flexible if you want to make changes

- Has large set of open source and licensed plugins available in wordpress community

- Plenty of companies offer customized themes for wordpress; many free theme-versions are available in the market that can be used as plug-and-play.