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Flash AS3 Tutorial : How to resolve Flash Security Sandbox violation (Security error)

Flash AS3 Tutorial : How to resolve Flash Security Sandbox violation (Security error)

What is Flash Security Sandbox Error?

You will see Security Error when Flash Player tries to load external data or files such as another SWF, XML or Images that are not in Flash Player security sandbox. If you are trying to load data from any other domain, you might see similar errors or issues as well.

If you’re able to trace you can see some similar errors as :

SecurityError: Error #2028: Local-with-filesystem SWF file

How to resolve this issue?

HTML Javascript online Realtime Editor

HTML Javascript online Realtime Editor

Write your own HTML, HTML5 or Javascript code into the text box shown below. As a recommendation, always write W3C standard code to improve performance of your web page. You can see realtime output right below the textbox as you write the code. Hope you would love this. Enjoy and keep using it!

What is VAST : in Digital advertising?

Have you ever heard VAST and got confused? Are you in the space of digital ad production? Did interview question come up in reference to VAST? Then you should read this article.

VAST is nothing but an XML schema. If you know XML already, then you know VAST.


Flash AS3 Tutorial : FullScreen functionality with Sample code

Using AS3 (ActionScript 3.0) you can initiate or leave full-screen mode. The ActionScript to initiate full-screen mode works only in user interaction to a mouse click or keypress. Very Interesting. I have details and sample method calls for your reference below.


flash.display.Stage.displayState:String property

This property is gettable and settable. Values are for the class StageDisplayState:

  • StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN
  • Stage.DisplayState.NORMAL

This property is used to check the current state of the movie or to enter or exit full-screen mode.