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HTML5 – Geolocation API Demo and Example

HTML5 – Geolocation API Demo and Example

This article shows how HTML5 Geolocation API is very simple and easy to use. We have provided sample code and Demo below. To detect the location of a client in the past, one would typically have to inspect the client IP address and make a reasonable guess for user geographic location. (more…)

HTML5 – Geolocation API live Demo

Here is the live Demo that you can use to find out user location.

Read Original page where we have Sample API Code and Demo with detailed explanation.



GeoLocation Demo: User Location Tracking


Tech school project assistance – freelance projects :

School ProjectsWe decided to add a feature to our website visitors who are students. Since we – “the team” – know technology very well, we want to help upcoming techs. It can include JAVA, Java Server Pages (JSP), Flash and ActionScript, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, PHP or any troubleshooting related tasks.

If you’re a student and need assistance with your school project, we are happy to help. It can include a variety of tasks such as coding, defining project scope, use of tools, defining project definition and so on.

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Why we want to start this? Recently a student contacted us asking assistance on her school project in Spring semester. After she provided details, I wrote back to her with a few follow up steps. She was able to get her term project done in JAVA within 3 hours. It took me only little more than half hour to understand her project definition and send her follow up steps. She was amazed and potentially our help saved two days. The bonus is — she is expecting better grades for her project.

If you need any helps write us and we’re happy to help with your needs. Provide us short description of what you’re looking to do, what you’ve done so far and what do you need help with.

Simply post a comment below if you need anything from Dglobaltech team.

5 Signs To Tell You You’re Spending Too Much


5 Signs To Tell You You’re Spending Too Much
Source : Guest Post, Thanks to Maria

Are you worried about your expenses? It costs probably nothing to just take a look at your cash flows and spending patterns. You may never know when emergencies might knock your door, so it is essential to save. Most people are unable to find the exact amount they get and spend on expenditures. Spending habits and addictions can create severe afflictions. Here are some effective signs that may tell you that you are spending too much. If you left them untreated, it may affect your family and your personal finances. Your habits guide your behaviour and design your future. Hence it is pretty important for you to consider these signs.