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HTML5 Interview Questions and Answers : 10 commonly asked questions

I have listed 10 most commonly asked HTML5 interview questions and answers during Front end developer interview. Speaking of HTML5 used on mobile devices; get familiar yourself with Android 5.0 Lollipop features which is one of the hot topic these days!

HTML5 is becoming very important technology since Safari doesn’t support Flash by default. Users need to enable and install flash plugin into their browsers. Same way, Chrome OS and Chrome browser do not support Flash either.

That is why HTML5 is becoming more and more popular. HTML5 is compatible since supported by cross-browser platforms as well.

If you love Questions and Answers on this page; and if you are preparing for an interview, I’d strongly recommend reading HTML5 and CSS3 All-in-one For Dummies book by Andy Harris. I really liked this book and found very helpful preparing for interviews.

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(1) What is the use of Canvas Element in HTML5? 

HTML5 Canvas element can be used to draw graphics images on a web page by using javascript.

(2) Can you give an example of Canvas element how it can be used?