5 essential ways : How to bring more traffic to your blog or website

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Are you wondering how you can bring more traffic to your blog or website? Are you really committed to your blog? I’ve listed down 5 very simple and best ways you can bring more traffic to your website. I’ve seen many bloggers and startup websites. I’ve been following a few of them on regularly basis. I’ve kept reading and learning from others for many years. There are many factors but here are some basic ones.

1. Content is the King

Every visitor coming to your site is looking for extra ordinary content. Always make sure you serve what your visitors want, rather than what you want. It’s not important what you know, it’s always important to understand what your readers would like to know.

Always use fresh and original content and do not copy from someone else. If you follow your followers, that means you’re a winner. Agree? Rich content is always first step towards success. I visit 4 to 5 blogs everyday and follow around 15 bloggers. It’s amazing to see how much time and efforts they put in to write their content. Yes, its not magic. That is a real time hard work and dedication! That will pay you off.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is second. Now you wonder, why its not the first one? Simple, your visitors would want to see something unique about your site and content. Only search engine optimization (SEO) will bring more users to your blog. Eventually you will lose them if you don’t have real rich content.

If you see our blog, its very simple, pretty generic theme and has a good SEO. When we started this blog (we’re three friends), we decided to concentrate on content and SEO. We are programmers and know front end very well, so we can make it look sexy anytime we want. First and foremost, we wanted to make sure, we serve niche content and have better SEO score. We focused on meta-keywords, meta-tags, description and all SEO related items.

3. Social Media

Social Media such as Facebook page and profile, Twitter and google plus are some of the necessary medium to stay alive in your network. Of course, your blog is always available for your visitors, but in order to reach out to wider audience you will need social media.

Very popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla etc. provide you a very easy way via plugin to enable these social media on your blog or sites. Social Media is a proven way as a big source of traffic to your blog.

4. Visitor friendliness

Whenever you build or update your blog, think about how you can make it more user friendly. That includes to have some creativity into your blog, making look like pretty and light-weighted.

You also want to consider your blog to be easy to navigate and access to all the content. Make sure you interlink one article or post to another internal post. Use niche keywords that is unique and interesting to read for your visitors.

5. Consistent Marketing of your blog

We’ve recently started this blog. Domain is a bit old at this point, its been 1.5 years since we bought this domain. We actually started putting content one and a half month back. We all three are consistently promoting our blog, very slowly but steadily. We have quite a few unique visitors everyday. We have monetized our blog, though goal is not only to make money.

We want to reach out to wider audience. One big source of our traffic is commenting on some pro-bloggers’ blog. Putting unique and valuable comment can bring readers to your blog. Guest article writing is another big source of visitors.

Make sure you start promoting your blog only after you have some niche content that is capable of hold your reader long enough!

Hope this gives you a nice background, as most of that came through our own experience. Our blog is 2 months old now, we’re committed to follow what we say. So stay tuned and provide your feedback.