5 Most Useful Thumbs up/down Plugins for WordPress

I have provided 5 the most useful and widely used thumbs up / down plugins for WordPress. They are directly linked to www.wordpress.org website page.

  • Likebot: It is easy to integrate into your site and does not require any registration or authentications. You can customize functionality very easily using built-in js options.
  • Vote It Up: This plugin adds voting feature to your posts. Your visitors can vote or against your posts. You do have the option to enable guest-voting where you don’t require any authentication.

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  • BuddyPress Rate Forum Posts: This is especially useful if you are using BuddyPress to manage your own social network.If you intend to add vote up/down functionality to your WordPress site, you can’t go wrong with the above plugins.
  • GD Star Rating: adds an advanced rating system to your posts and comments. Provides support for cache plugins. It is available in multiple languages.
  • ThumbsUp: lets your visitors rate posts or groups (videos, topics, images) on your site.  You can create an unlimited number of voting groups. It comes with 3 different widgets.