5 Signs To Tell You You’re Spending Too Much


5 Signs To Tell You You’re Spending Too Much
Source : Guest Post, Thanks to Maria

Are you worried about your expenses? It costs probably nothing to just take a look at your cash flows and spending patterns. You may never know when emergencies might knock your door, so it is essential to save. Most people are unable to find the exact amount they get and spend on expenditures. Spending habits and addictions can create severe afflictions. Here are some effective signs that may tell you that you are spending too much. If you left them untreated, it may affect your family and your personal finances. Your habits guide your behaviour and design your future. Hence it is pretty important for you to consider these signs.

Minimum payments:
The surest sign which signifies that one is overspending is making minimum payments on one’s credit cards. Here, the biggest problem is with the high interest rates that may restrict your payments. You might take years to clear the payments. If this is the situation, limit your spending on cards. The reason being, there is a possibility that you may fall of debts due to irregular payments.
Unpaid bills:
Are your bills ever going unpaid due to lack of money to settle them? If your answer is “yes” then it is crystal clear that you are spending too much money. Before going to spend money on luxuries and entertainment, you have to pay the imperative bills. But, most of us like treats and spending on non-essentials. But if you repeat this scenario, you might not have a place to keep your new clothes.
Keeping up with friends:
If your friends are richer than you, you may wish to live a similar lifestyle as your friends. So, you may lend money from somewhere else and lead your life. It is not a good idea. Understand your financial situation. Don’t compare yourself with others because you may need to face financial ramifications at the end of the day.

Imbalanced cash flows:
Are you ending up with no savings at the end of the month despite getting a good paycheque? If your answer is yes, you have to analyse your spending patterns, it is clear that you are overspending. Always make sure that your spending doesn’t go over than your income. Save as much money as you can.

Extra bags after shopping:
Most people waste much of their time and money in shopping. If you recognise yourself with extra bags after shopping, it is clear that you are spending too much money. In order to avoid this situation prepare a list of mandatory items before going to shop. Also limit the use of credit cards. Inspite of using a credit card use cash to pay off your bills which can give you a brief idea on your spending.
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