Data Engineer Interview Preparation Guide

Data Engineer

A report suggests data engineer is the fastest-growing job in technology, with over 50% year-over-year growth in the number of open positions.

Checkout Our Data Engineer Interview Preparation Guide.

To prepare for Data Engineer Interview, first you need to setup local environment for Coding Test Practice.

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Operating Environment:

OS: macOS

MySQL Server8.0.27

SQLPro for MySQL: 2020.59 (Build 10497.5)

First Install MySQL Server for Mac

Install MySQL Server for Mac from MySQl Site. You can find instructions and download here. You know the installation worked when the MySQL dolphin icon shows up in your System Preferences.

Once MySQL is installed, the first thing to do is Start the MySQL Server. It may have started automatically, but if not, from System Preferences open MySQL, click on Initialize Database, then create a password for the “root” user. If you’ve already installed and configured MySQL then just take note to start the server in order to get started.

MySql Config Window on Mac.

Data Engineer

Second Install SQLPro for MySQL

Install SQLPro for MySQL. You can find instructions and download here.

Third Connect SQLPro for MySQL

For SQLPro, you’ll have to establish the connection to MySQL Server manually by entering information such as localhost3306, and username and password for root.

Data Engineer

After Successfully connected, you can see the window for Database and Tables.

Data Engineer

Fourth Create Database and Tables

After connecting SQLPro to the MySQL database on your computer, you have two choices. First, you can go through similar steps as above to create a new database and table. Or second, you can add a table to the existing database — I’ll start with this option by creating a new table called “interviews.”

Now, create new Database by clicking “Add Database” option.


Once you create the database, you can insert tables by running queries or you can manually add as well!

CREATE TABLE interviews(
email_address VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL,
interview_date DATETIME(6),

Next, insert some data about the interview candidates, then view the table.

INSERT INTO interviews(email_address, interview_date)
'2020-07-01 10:00:00')
SELECT * FROM interviews
Sql Pro
Run Query to Create Tables.

Given all the above, we now have a simple applications database that has a table of resumes and a table of interview dates.

You have running local env setup so you can play around and try to create efficient workflow to get or crate data sets.


MySQL Documentation:

As a Data Engineer, your Job is to provide the efficient queries & algorithm to create, update or pull the data sets. We will continue building queries in next post.