DGlobaltech : Who we are?

dGlobaltech.com Technology Blog and SoutionsWe wanted to start our blog a while back, but that did not happen! Well, you will ask why? It was just a time crunch. None of us could find enough time to write about us. Initially we were very focused on serving quality and original content. We believe now its time to write about us and tell our visitors who we are, what we do and what is our goal. Also we’re planning to provide insight into our growth periodically. The reason is, new bloggers or site builders can learn and set them up for success.

Who are we?

We are experienced individuals in variety of computer engineering and software development related fields. We have taken and passed through many interview processes by ourselves, in various regions, in very different domains. We are a great combination of variety of stuff and available to help any individual who needs help.

What is our goal?

Well, our goal is to provide helpful contents to our viewers, related to technology. One of us had this domain name registered already and we have enough knowledge to serve, its just a matter of time. Our goal is provide quality content that is original, based upon real experience than the theory written in the book. We’d like to cover every aspects of technology starting from interview tip and up to sample code, technology discussions. We strongly encourage you to reach out to us via post comments or contact us, if you have any question related to your day to day technology stuff. Provide us details and we promise, one of us will get back to you. Initially we started putting content together, we have quite a few visitors by now. We’re trying to improve numbers of our visitors. As we started growing and spending considerable time, we started displaying ads on the site. The goal is not to earn, but without affecting our user experience generating some revenue, if that’s possible.

Now we are at a point where this post is necessary. We received feedbacks around putting this up, so here we are!

Slow and steady wins the race! We’re planning to post more on this blog about our experience, about our statistic growth for the blog and site. So stay tuned and keep reading. Provide us feedback and we promise, we will work on it.