HTML5 – New Media Elements

HTML5 offers new elements for media content:

Tag Description
<audio> Defines sound content
<video> Defines a video or movie
<source> Defines multiple media resources for <video> and <audio>
<embed> Defines a container for an external application or interactive content (a plug-in)
<track> Defines text tracks for <video> and <audio>

Which is one of the biggest advantage of HTML5. Back in the days if you had to insert audio or video content, you used Flash content. Now HTML5 has advanced elements that you can insert your video and audio contents within your HTML page without any flash or other plugins.

In my next article, I will cover both Audio and Video elements. I will have sample HTML5 code for the tags and related information.

Important thing to note here, all media formats are not supported by all browsers. You need to make sure to have appropriate media file formats available if you want to serve your content in all available browsers.

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