Javascript – How to setup a Development Environment

Javascript Env Setup to start writing code:

For that first you need to create html page. I am using visual studio code as an editor so I will list the steps using this editor. You can use the same app, or you can follow similar steps in the editor you use.

To Start you need to create the project folder in your home directory.

On your computer you can type below command in terminal to create new folder:

mkdir ~/JSProject

You can also manually create new folder.

In VS code you click open from file menu and then open JSProject folder which you have already created before. Once you open that folder you see new file icon on the top panel of that folder. Click that icon to create a new file and give name index.html to that file. Now in index.html just type exclamation mark and you would see the popup which says Emmet Abbreviation.

Click on that and it will generate HTML basic page for you. You would see HTML like I have in screenshot below.

Now you need to run this html basic page to make sure it is working. For that click on extension tab and search for “Live Server” and install it. Now right click to index.html and click on open with live server. It will open default browser with this address “” in address bar.