Most Frequently Asked Software Engineer Interview Questions for FANG


When you prepare for Software Engineer Interview, Practice the cheat list questions we have provided here.

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Question: 1 Find out the fastest way to locate the largest element in a circular sorted array ?

Question: 2 You have a binary search tree and integer n, find out the most efficient way to locate two nodes of the three whose summation is equaled to “n” ?

Question: 3 How do you convert a max heap to min heap ?

Question: 4 You have given two lists L1 and L2 write an algorithm to see if both the lists are equivalent or not?

Question: 5 How do you figure out time and space complexity of recursive function ?

Question: 6 How will you implement three stacks with one array?

Question: 7 You have given a set of points across the globe as latitudes and longitudes ?

Question: 8 How will you determine points which are within a particular mile ?

Question: 9 Can you design data package transfer from London to Tokyo ?

Question: 10 Design a distributed system for storing a static set of (key, value) pairs which will behave like a hash table, the user will provide you key and system will return value.

Question: 11 Design Algorithm for Lift to get minimum waiting time on each floor ?

Question: 12 How to parse through a user’s input?Given a sorted dictionary of an alien language, find order of characters

Question: 13 Check if a Binary Tree contains duplicate subtrees of size 2 or more

Question: 14 Meta Strings (Check if two strings can become same after a swap in one string)

Question: 15 Find largest word in dictionary by deleting some characters of given string

Question: 16 Given a list of names, display the longest name.

Question: 17 Design an algorithm to serialize and deserialize a binary tree. There is no restriction on how your serialization/deserialization algorithm should work. You just need to ensure that a binary tree can be serialized to a string and this string can be deserialized to the original tree structure.

Question: 18 Given n nodes labeled from 0 to n-1 and a list of undirected edges (each edge is a pair of nodes), write a function to check whether these edges make up a valid tree.

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