Move Forward with a Cisco Storage Networking Certification

Take your career to the next level with an expert exam in the Storage Networking field. Cisco provides a written and lab exam, both of which must be completed in order to obtain the CCIE certification. Because storage networking information is direct and to-the-point, the expert certification is the only one offered. Even so, it is held to the highest degree of respect just as other expert exams under the Cisco name. Career possibilities with this certification can greatly widen, and employers will take this certification as the greatest indication of skill and knowledge working with storage networking.

The overall exam is broken down into two sections (which can be taken at different times). The first section consists of a written, multiple-choice exam that tests basic and advanced storage networking concepts and features, such as design, technologies, applications, and management. The second section is a rather difficult eight-hour practical lab exam, which tests the ability to apply concepts and your knowledge learned to actual on-the-job scenarios. It is a fantastic way to prepare for the job field and understand exactly what such a job will entitle.

Both exams can be accompanied by ExamTrace, a training resource that works to teach and review specific exam details. It saves time that would otherwise be spent reading through information and learning knowledge that simply isn’t needed. The overall experience taking the storage networking expert exams can be wonderful. Cisco’s requirement of excellence is what makes their exams and certifications the bar by which companies operate. With Cisco exams, moving forward in your career could not be easier.