Software Engineering Interview Questions With Answers

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We have listed most frequently asked Coding Interview Questions which every Software Engineer should know.

In Phone Screen for Software Engineering Interview, You will be asked some easy to medium coding challenge which can test your basic knowledge about programming, and how efficient your code is!

To start preparation, first you should review coding questions which we have listed here for each data structure. Make sure you first try your self, Calculate Time Complexity and Memory Usage of your working solution and the compare to the solution we have provided here.

We have added list of frequently asked Interview Questions with Answers for each data structure!

Question 1: How do you find the missing number in a given integer array of 1 to 100?

This coding interview Question is easy challenge. To find missing number, you need to find the total of that array and keep subtracting each array element from it. Checkout link below for working code and examples.

Question 2: How do you find the duplicate number on a given integer array?

Question 3: How do you find the largest and smallest number in an unsorted integer array?

Question 4: How do you find all pairs of an integer array whose sum is equal to a given number?

Question 5: How do you find duplicate numbers in an array if it contains multiple duplicates?

Question 6: How are duplicates removed from a given array?

Question 7: How is an integer array sorted in place using the quick-sort algorithm?

Question 8: How do you reverse an array in place ?

How do you print duplicate characters from a string?

How do you check if two strings are anagrams of each other?

How do you print the first non-repeated character from a string?

How can a given string be reversed using recursion?

How do you check if a string contains only digits?

How are duplicate characters found in a string?

How do you count a number of vowels and consonants in a given string?

How do you count the occurrence of a given character in a string?

How do you find all permutations of a string?

How do you reverse words in a given sentence without using any library method?

How do you check if two strings are a rotation of each other?

How do you check if a given string is a palindrome?