SEO – Search Engine Optimization : 3 Basic Strategies

Search Engine Optimization or SEO! If you use internet every single day, that means you get benefit of SEO.

In a very simple term, SEO is a technique that helps Search Engines to rank and find a website in search results. If you have ever wondered why some of these websites rank better than the others then you must know, that it is because of a powerful web marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization. All major search engines use an algorithm or pattern to search for relevant contents. There are millions of websites on the web and thousands are added every single day. To find out best related content is not very easy for search engines. Major search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo are using very strong search methodologies. I’ve provided additional details below on how search engines work.

There are many factor affects SEO. I’ve listed down major factors that impact heavily.

1. Relevant Meta – description and Meta – keywords` usage

Both meta description and keywords have heavy impact on your search engine ranking. Make sure you have properly inserted meta keywords and description for each page.  It should be strongly related to your content on the page. Search engine crawlers consider that every single time they visit your page and rank your page against any other similar page.

I have a samples below that can help you understand how you would have them set up.

description :

<meta name=”description” content=”This website provides free online sample code, tutorials in HTML, XHTML, HTML5, Flash, ActionScript, AS3, Drupal, JQuery.”>

keywords :

<meta name=”keywords” content=”dglobaltech, technology, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Java, Javascript, interview questions, sample code, Flash actionScript, AS3 function, AS3, ActionScript 3.0, online code samples, technology forum, programming forum, flash forum”>

2. Use of proper HTML tags within your site page

Use of <title>, header such as <h1>, <h2> and ALT attribute for images are recommended. Search engine crawlers read them the best when they search the content and rank them on the internet.

Relevant URLs and link also help rank your site page higher than similar other site page.

An example :



Case (a) is much better than case (b). Even if both the pages have same content, page a will get hire ranking against page b. As it has very friendly URL that suggest technology and relationship. Note that you don’t have related content, text within your page only site URL or title or header will not help you gain higher SEO score.

3. Enough high quality content on the page

Make sure you have enough content on the page. Only having enough content is not important, content should be very relevant to your subject. Your site should not content duplicate contents on multiple pages. Content should not be copied from any other site, as search engines are very smart catching that. I would also note to include images to have enough user interaction, which directly does not impact SEO ranking but makes user stay on your page longer. Images convey the message better than text in order to understand depth of the subject.

One thing important to note that, you should include your keyword or niche subject related words in the first paragraph of your article. The reason is crawlers will not go too much in-depth to read content and compare every single time.