At Innovative Tech Consulting, we find best-fit people for our clients and partners through a collaborative, process-centered approach to sourcing, screening and recruiting top talent. We are strive to find best talent in the market based on the roles available for suitable needs. The results from our method have established a strong track record of success for our talent acquisition solutions.

Providing services to clients across the United States, we work closely with HR personnel and hiring managers to find the right person for their team. We service companies of every size across a wide range of technical areas, from small boutique firms to Fortune 100 companies, across manufacturing, health, insurance, and service domains.

Our company is founded by engineers, and we approach talent acquisition from an engineering-focused perspective. We match client needs with candidate skills, experience and interests. Beginning with a rapid identification process that sources from our internal database and referral network, our selection and screening process continues through multiple interviews before each candidate identified as the best possible match undergoes a rigorous technical screening by a professional working in the field.

Our goal is to make sure both our partners, clients and candidates are happy and we find best match to accomplish goals for both the parties.